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Finally, you’ll never have to compromise performance for the beauty of a laminate shingle. A truly revolutionary laminate shingle that combines the strength of SBS “rubber” modified technology with designer appeal. SBS “rubberized” asphalt endows our roofs with the resilience to protect your home or building from the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. This laminate shingle is so flexible and workable, it can be installed down to 0°F. It also offers the protection of Class 4 Impact Resistance (UL 2218), providing the highest classification under UL 2218.
But the strength of our roofing materials doesn’t stop there. The enhanced asphalt extends the life of the shingle and improves its wind and hail resistance, features unmatched by any standard asphalt shingle. The SBS modified asphalt coats our exclusive Polyglass® Mat, which is constructed of both fiberglass and polyester fibers. This gives it its tough tear resistant core which resists tearing and cracking.
For its beautiful appearance, the SBS modified asphalt is coated with the finest, colorfast ceramic roofing granules from 3M™. This ensures that the vibrant color you have selected continues to look good for decades.
You can choose from nine unique colors to complement your home’s personality. Our shingles are the strongest, most flexible laminate shingles in the market today. We back its performance with a 50-year limited product warranty and a 110 mile per hour limited wind warranty.
One of the most critical elements of a successful roofing project is correct installation of the shingle. Market research has shown that most laminated shingles are incorrectly installed due to improper fastener placement. Our shingles are constructed using a patented technology which provides many features, including a nailing area up to 3 times larger than older style laminate shingles. This larger nailing area dramatically improves correct fastener placement.


Designed for all Extremes 110m.p.h Wind Warranty Hail Resistant
Class "A" Rated Wide Range of Colours S.B.S. Rubber Modified

A Roof Designed to Last


Anique Brown Midnight Black Natural Wood
Oxford Grey Rainforest Sienna Blend
Silverwood Storm Grey Weathered Wood





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